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Why install an alarm system in your company?

Every year, cases of theft and vandalism continue to increase. They affect both individuals and professionals, and the main targets remain companies. If you do not want to expose your company to these burglary risks, you need to make the right decision right now and install an alarm system. To convince you, here we give the advantages of this solution. Why install an alarm in your company? [caption id="attachment_14902" align="aligncenter"…

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Keep your business safer in Sherbrooke with access control

Whether it'swired alarm or wirelessalarm, or surveillance cameras,no action is too great when it comes to ensuring the security of a commercial site, a business or a home. Companies based in Sherbrooke, as elsewhere in Canada, have understood the need to combine existing security measures with access control to better secure property and people. What is access control?   In a company or on a given site, access control is…

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Access control for your business security

Advances in securing private and commercial premises are now extremely important, and highly sophisticated access control systems are available to companies that want to optimize their security component. In particular, an access control system is ideal to strengthen your security system and to manage access to certain areas or areas of your commercial premises. To take advantage of reliable and easy-to-use equipment and control systems, you can rely on the…

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Why work with a local security company / Quebecoise?

Safety is not just about alarm systems and surveillance products. Many companies provide these resources. However, only quality security companies offer high-level service and intangible benefits that create a real sense of security in your home or business. National security companies may initially seem more reliable than local small businesses because of their name recognition, but make no mistake about it. The impersonal nature of these businesses diminishes the quality…

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