Every year, cases of theft and vandalism continue to increase. They affect both individuals and professionals, and the main targets remain companies. If you do not want to expose your company to these burglary risks, you need to make the right decision right now and install an alarm system. To convince you, here we give the advantages of this solution.

Why install an alarm in your company?

The development of a company is based on the success of these activities. Therefore, to avoid losing your belongings and merchandise, you need to guarantee their safety with an alarm system.

An alarm system to protect against burglaries

This is undoubtedly the main reason for installing an alarm system in your company. Indeed, with this solution, you will be able to prevent and prevent the intrusion of strangers into your structure. When you get home in the evening, for example, malicious individuals might decide to steal one of your prototypes or some of your products. Moreover, the figures prove that companies that do not have an alarm system remain the most exposed to the risk of burglary.

The alarm system also includes an operational anti-intrusion feature. This is useful for alerting and calling the police in case of intrusion or attempted theft. you will be able to guarantee the inviolability of your workplace and your property.

An alarm system to be able to go home without fear or fear

The other advantage of an alarm system remains the peace of mind it offers. As is often said, where your wealth is, that’s where your mind is. But to avoid continually thinking about your company’s premises and the assets they contain, you need to opt for an effective alarm system. The latter, equipped with anti-intrusion security, will allow you to return home every evening with peace of mind.

With this solution, you can rest assured that your business will remain inviolable in the face of any attempt. It can adapt to all situations and respond effectively against all hazards and scenarios. In other words, if a thief decides, for example, to put your safety to the test, the alarm will automatically go off and send you a notification or call. You can then contact the police for a quick intervention.

Why does your company need an anti-theft alarm system connected to a central office?

Data Management System (DMS) with Business Analytics concept. businessman working with provide information for Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and marketing analysis onn virtual computer

With an anti-theft alarm system, every business manager can validly protect their property against intrusion and theft. In reality, this solution makes it possible to detect a break-in, which already deters burglars. In addition, an anti-theft alarm system connected to a central office offers two options:

  • It can alert a provider as soon as the alarm goes off and the latter will call the police;
  • It can also sound a loud bell on the scene, so as to warn neighbors or passers-by who can contact the police.

To strengthen your alarm system, you should also take other precautions. For example, install deadbolt locks, adequate lighting, secure basement windows and strong exterior doors.

Why ensure the security of your company with a Verisure alarm?

No matter the size of your business, know that it will always arouse the lust of burglars and malicious individuals. To ensure the protection of your valuables and goods, you must absolutely adopt an effective alarm system. Today, the best option on the market remains Verisure alarm solutions. The latter offer, among other things, alarm systems with high-tech remote monitoring.

With a Verisure alarm, you will be able to secure your company’s premises and thus prevent the risk of intrusions. In particular, it offers you remote monitoring, every day, at any time. This way, when you return home in the evening or on a business trip, you can leave with peace of mind. The system allows you to keep an eye on your structure and remotely consult the inputs as well as the outputs. In short, Verisure alarms remain the guarantee of optimal protection against break-ins and thefts.

Residential alarm products and their benefits

In addition to the security of your business, alarm systems can also ensure the protection of your homes. For this purpose, you will find on the market many products, with precise characteristics. For example, you can opt for access control with biometric readers, cards and controllers. Similarly, residential alarm products include:

  • Cameras with license plate recognition and facial recognition;
  • Cameras with instant detection of the body temperature of individuals;
  • Motorized cameras of long range and controllable from a guard station;
  • Wireless door contacts and wireless motion detectors;
  • Deterrent stickers for doors and windows;
  • Alarm centers by telephone line in special.

In order to guarantee the security of your business and your home, do not hesitate to install one of the wired, hybrid and wireless solutions. Your belongings will then be safe.