ULC Monitoring Central Station

At Alarme Provinciale, we understand the importance of feeling safe at home or at work. If you already have an alarm system but are unhappy with your current service provider, we offer you the option to easily transfer your system to our industry-leading alarm center service. Our ULC alarm center is compatible with all brands of alarm systems on the market, such as Paradox, Honeywell, DSC, 2Gig, Qolsys, and many others.




GE Interlogix



The Services

All our alarm center packages include the following services;

✓ ULC Central station 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, bilingual

✓ Service agreement is for a period of 12 months, automatic renewal from year to year or cancellation upon receipt of a written 30-day notice, all according to the Consumer Protection law

✓ Immediate treatment of all alarms (Theft / Fire / Panic / Medical)

✓ Daily communication test of your alarm system

✓ Installation certificate for your insurer

✓ Deterrent stickers for doors and windows

✓ Send email to your computer or text message to your cell phone upon disarming / arming as well as on alarm


Monitoring by landline

$ 14.95 / month


Monitoring via internet link

$ 19.95 / month

Monitoring by cellular link

$ 29.95 / month

(3G or LTE cellular line included)

One-time fee of $ 85 for reprogramming and full inspection of your system upon transfer