In this section we present our range of access control system we offer our customers. No matter the size of your business / industry, Alarme Provinciale will be able to meet your needs with an access control system taylored for you.

Here is the list of our products:

Main control DIGIPLEX EVO192

The Paradox EVO192 is an addressable and adaptive intrusion alarm control panel able to grow with your needs. Combining a powerful access control system and designed for commercial and industrial markets, keep your building secured at all times with one of the most efficient and powerfull system on the market, but for a price well below similar competing products.

  • Expansion up to 192 anti-theft protection zones, fire, and supervisions of all kinds
  • Up to 999 arming / disarming codes programmable by menu or software
  • Can be separated into 8 completely independent sectors
  • Integrated access control up to 32 doors
  • 5 programmable outputs for lighting control
  • 100% addressable system
  • Compatible with wireless expansion
  • Automatic time adjustment depending on the season (or H.N.E. H.A.E.)
  • Compatible with the latest GSM and Internet technology from Paradox

Access Card Reader with Code R915

This design card reader also provides an integrated keypad for double identification of employees, increasing security when they access your facilities.

  • Access card reader and keypad configurable for use with card only or code, or code and card to grant access to the building
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Illuminated Keyboard
  • Allows you to arm the alarm system with the access card / PIN
  • Available in three colors; black, white and silver

High End Access Card Reader

This innovative design access card reader will marry at any upscale interior décor with its slim and stylish design.

  • Three backlight color LED; blue (standby mode), green (on access granted) and red (on access denied)
  • High strength Polycarbonate case
  • Electronic circuit molded in epoxy
  • Indoor and Outdoor Installation

Access card

We offer a wide range of access cards ranging from simple credit card size card, access cards that you can print the photo of your employees as well as their names, and « keytag » type of access card. Depending on your needs, we will provide you the type of card that will best suit your access control implementation program.