Looking for surveillance cameras? Alarme Provinciale offers a wide selection of 720P or 1080P high definition video surveillance cameras. We offer our customers the surveillance cameras manufactured by Dahua, one of the three largest manufacturers in the world. Dahua manufactures surveillance cameras for Samsung and Bosch. Their “Starlight” technology is the only one to offer colour vision at night with a perfect image. These high-definition surveillance cameras work on both coaxial cable and network cable. It is the ideal solution for upgrading your existing surveillance camera systems without having to redo all wiring.
The camera recorders supports the installation of several internal hard drives which will allow you in return to retain recorded video images for a long period of time.


 All of our surveillance camera systems offer real-time, remote, high-definition viewing from anywhere on the planet, either by computer or smart phone. They use H.264 image transmission technology which will not monopolize your internet connection. Always be on the lookout for the slightest gestures on your property or inside your business. Dahua surveillance cameras are reliable, robust and trouble free in our Quebec climate. 


Making a choice is often difficult as there are so many surveillance camera offerings on the market today. It is important to define the budget according to the real need and the application (residential or commercial surveillance camera) and the privacy law in force must also be taken into account. The primary goal is to install a reliable surveillance camera system from which it will be possible to extract and use the images recorded in a legal framework without breaking the law. Contact us to get a specific quote for your needs.