Whether it’swired alarm or wirelessalarm, or surveillance cameras,no action is too great when it comes to ensuring the security of a commercial site, a business or a home. Companies based in Sherbrooke, as elsewhere in Canada, have understood the need to combine existing security measures with
access control
to better secure property and people.

What is access control?


In a company or on a given site, access control is the means to control access to the premises. The usefulness of access control goes beyond securing premises or offices. This is the set of technical solutions that can secure and manage physical entrances to a building.

When a company has access control, it is able to know who is coming in and out, what exact time and how often these movements are being made. It is generally referred to as physical access control not to be confused with access control, which allows access to virtual and non-physical locations to be controlled.


Why prioritize key access control?


The simplest and most traditional way to control access to an enclosed space is to use a physical key. Many businesses and households still use it in Sherbrooke. However, this method of access control has limitations and therefore has many flaws:

  • When a key is lost, the entire lock should be changed as quickly as possible, and new keys will be given to everyone with access to that door.
  • When a person has access to multiple buildings, they find themselves moving around with multiple keys, and can spend a lot of time looking for the right key to open the right door. This is not very practical.
  • With the use of the metal key, you know nothing about people coming and going at your home.

In these conditions, why not opt for a modern and efficient locking and unlocking system?


Some advantages of access control


Access control has a number of advantages that cannot be ignored. actually

Unlike metal keys, access control systems automatically emit signals in the event of suspicious or questionable access. They allow you to control access to buildings. Unauthorized access is automatically reported to you.

Another of the advantages of access control is advanced customization. Do you want everyone to have access to surveillance cameras or do you want a small number of people? Could your employees in Lorraine or Rosemere have access to your company based in Terrebonne at any time of the day or not? You have the option of restricting access to specific areas, as well as specific times, within your company. These bespoke solutions allow for flexibility and great security.

Better yet, these kinds of security systems are difficult to break. A copy can be quickly copied by inattention, and later used for fraudulent purposes. A lost card can be remotely deactivated. The consequences that could have been severe are significantly reduced with access control.


Controlling your company’s sectors


When it comes to authorizing or verifying entrances or exits to an establishment or dwelling, access control is proving to be a reliable and effective high-tech tool. It is very essential for business managers or homeowners who wish to protect and secure their property.

The surveillance is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter where you are, access control allows you to keep an eye on your business based in Sherbrooke, a Canadian city located in Quebec.

What is still very interesting about these products is that they have many advanced and highly efficient parameters in terms of computer technologies. You can not only monitor your building in real time, but also have personalized monitoring reports. These features give you the opportunity to detect movements and make video calls.

What’s more, it is possible to exercise your grip not only on the main door of your company, but also on the various offices. All this with a very advanced customization at each entry level.


Different access control devices


All organizations need access control to secure their facilities, but not necessarily the same device. For the security of your site and according to your needs, several possibilities are available to you:

  • The badge reader is strictly personal. It only allows access to the owners of the badge;
  • The biometric reader recognizes people who have access to a door based on a physical data (fingerprint…);
  • The coded keyboard requires the composition of a confidential number at the entrance;
  • Electronic or electrical locks;
  • Theintercom allows you to see or hear the person who wants to enter.


Which device is right for you?


From the basic system to the most sophisticated access control system, the features are specific to your needs and your budget such as anti-return, SAS mode, employee turnstile and multi-site.

If you are a site or company whose need is physical access control with schedule and restricted access to certain doors, we recommend Paradoxproducts. The use is simple and the installation, much less expensive than other access control systems.

The complete installation including that of the spoils and the mechanical part of the door (motorized door) is fully supported by our team of experts.