Advances in securing private and commercial premises are now extremely important, and highly sophisticated access control systems are available to companies that want to optimize their security component. In particular, an access control system is ideal to strengthen your security system and to manage access to certain areas or areas of your commercial premises. To take advantage of reliable and easy-to-use equipment and control systems, you can rely on the expertise of our commercial and residential alarm systems company in Quebec.

The relevance of a security system for businesses

With the best will and sufficient human resources, it remains difficult (and in any case very expensive) to keep an eye everywhere at once in commercial premises. Access control systems are a very sensible alternative to limiting your security spending and reducing financial losses related to corporate fraud. By opting for a complement to your security system, you benefit from such a relevant solution that serves to fill existing loopholes in securing your retail premises, offices or areas earmarked for production.

Efficiency and quality for your security and access control systems

Our alarm systems company in Montreal, Quebec, offers state-of-the-art equipment for securing your commercial premises for optimal security. It is beneficial in all respects to combine your security devices and human resources with a quality access control system that will allow the systematic and effortless verification of the identity of employees wishing to access your specific areas of your premises. An access control system is a complement to your security system, and all the access control systems we offer are designed to offer great ease of use and optimal efficiency.

We offer equipment designed to have no flaws and to serve very long years. You can count on the quality of these various additional equipment and safety systems,but also on our ability to offer you the most suitable tools according to your needs. It’s a bespoke offer, expert advice, and proven efficiency tools that our commercial alarm systems company offers.

How access control works in the company

People who are allowed to access specific areas or areas only have to present a map to a reader to pass the check. Magnetic card readers are extremely reliable systems for securing the premises concerned. They are associated with electronic locks that secure the entrance and exit doors in the premises. Only specific cardholders can enter or exit, according to schedules and schedules set by the managers. In addition to the security component, the access control system also allows for better management of staff, as well as arrivals and delays or travel within the company, which can have a significant impact on the seriousness of the staff and the productivity of the entire company.

Checking schedules for locking or unlocking doors

The access control system has the advantage of managing the opening of your company’s doors according to pre-scheduled schedules. It is thus possible to precisely schedule the locking of the doors during the day or during the night, depending on whether it is a weekend, vacation periods, or ordinary working days.

The security control systems offered to you allow for careful adjustment,depending on the specific needs of the company. In addition, it will also be possible to arm or disarm your alarm system automatically as needed.

Detailed reports of access control activities

In terms of controlling the whereabouts of staff within the company, the possibilities are very great. This will allow you to obtain detailed reports on a particular employee, or collect extremely accurate data on a sector of the company, and then back it up for future use if necessary.

Real-time system monitoring

Access control systems offer the possibility of real-time monitoring of your business premises or your business. All you need to do is integrate and associate a monitor or screen with the system: all events, attempts to break into or access an area defined by a person who does not have the required permission, doors that remain open and other anomalies are then directly visible on the screen, and this instantaneously.

Our commercial and residential alarm systems company in Montreal, Quebec is available to program the installation of your complementary security systems, or to provide you with more information about the costs or operations of access control systems.