Home and residential security

Home security companies offer multiple protections: they offer a growing number of services, packages and devices, for sale or rental, ranging from residential alarms to the installation of detectors of all kinds, to the possibility of being connected to a certified power plant. The price of your subscription obviously depends on the options you integrate into your alarm system (telemonitoring, communication with emergency services, insurance in case of malfunction, maintenance, transmission of sensor signals on your cell phone). When your alarm system is connected to a monitoring station, in the event of an anomaly, a monitoring centre attendant immediately receives the warning and communicates the information to the security service that will be travelling to your residence.


Installation in standards

Provincial Alarm partners can install a security system called home automation (remotely). In Quebec, the installation of an alarm system connected to a remote monitoring plant allows for a reduction in insurance premiums, as the components have been installed by a licensed company and comply with ULC standards. Want to know more about our prices and services for residential and commercial alarm systems?

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You can choose an alarm system that is only heard by your immediate neighbours on the North Shore or an alarm system connected to a remote monitoring station that will notify emergency responders that your situation requires your assistance. When you come into possession of a Provincial Alarm security system connected to an ADT monitoring plant, you guarantee a 24/7, 365 days a year monitored residential protection. However, they now play a major additional role in including services such as personal medical alarms for the protection of seniors, home automation and remote video surveillance.

Intuitive, simple, easy

Whether you are present or absent, the alarm system is activated and the control panel commandeers the phone line to communicate with the monitoring station, as soon as your security system detects: Our security systems are sold at a competitive price, with recognized quality marks. We offer several packages for your alarm systems with warranty. For you who are looking for a residential, commercial, industrial alarm system, a fire detection system, a camera and an alarm plant, our company is also a reference in the sale and installation of alarm systems.

It’s a simple solution to familiarize yourself with home automation, while you can then add various equipment using the same technology and available in large areas (smart lights and thermostats, stereo, water leak detectors, etc.), and group its management into the mobile application of your alarm system. Using a professional installer allows you to benefit from protection during a lawsuit or litigation, because no one can blame you for mishandling, setting up or setting up the components of your alarm system.