Provincial Alarm in Saint-Jérôme

Capital of the MRC of La Rivière-du-Nord, Saint-Jérôme now hosts the services of Alarme Provinciale, which extends its services in the Laurentian region. Specialized in security systems for all types of buildings, Stéphane Racicot’s company has 35 years of experience in the field and will bring you all the peace of mind necessary for your well-being and the smooth running of your activities.

Commercial/Industrial Alarm in Saint-Jérôme

If you’re a business owner or running a small or medium-sized business, security issues are probably a big part of your day-to-day concerns. Indeed, the risks of burglary and vandalism are very real, enough to prevent you from sleeping at night. Unless, of course, if you have a particularly powerful security system.

Alarme Provinciale has been supporting commercial and industrial companies for 35 years in the implementation of effective security devices for optimal protection. While alarms are known to prevent burglaries, they also incorporate many innovative and very useful features.

Whatever the size of your business, factory or industry, you will find at Alarme Provinciale professionals listening, to take care of all your concerns, to give you peace of mind. Each need is the subject of a specific study, in order to submit a quote for a global protection of your premises,in accordance with your needs.

  • In Saint-Jérôme, we offer several services to our commercial clients:
    • Theft/vandalism protection: We ensure better security by installing perimeter and volumetric sensors in your building, as well as industrial alarms.
    • High-resolution surveillance cameras: These are HD cameras from 5 MP up to 8 MP (4 K) that allow you to optimize the security system of your building.
    • Access control system: We give you the opportunity to restrict access to your building according to your preferred hours, and to have better control of the comings and goings.
    • Fire System System:We install all your fire systems in Saint-Jérôme and we also supervise your fire system and sprinkler system according to the ULC S561 fire standard at our control station.
    • Temperature monitoring: If your premises include freezers, fridges and server rooms, do not hesitate to contact us for temperature supervision.
    • Boiler supervision:We help you detect a shutdown or breakage of the heating system. This can be particularly useful for commercial and tertiary premises.
    • Bilingual ULC grade AA 24/7 central:We provide you with an alarm control panel compatible with all brands of alarm systems on the market.

Access control to Saint-Jérôme

Access control is of paramount importance for industrial and tertiary buildings. It is essential to be able to control who enters and leaves your premises, to run reports on the time of arrival and exit of your employees, and even to restrict access to your premises according to your working hours.

Alarme Provinciale offers you a range of products of different brands, whether you need a basic or rather sophisticated access control system for your commercial center.

Residential Alarm in SAint-Jérôme

Installing a home alarm is fundamental to optimizing your home security system. The safety of your loved ones and property is at stake, possibly against burglaries, as well as assaults, domestic incidents and even fires. But which home alarm system to choose?


Wired alarm in Saint-Jérôme

Wired alarms are probably the most popular when it comesto home security alarms. They are perfectly suitable whether it is a cottage, a house, an apartment or a condo. Only drawback, it is necessary to consider holes in the wall to pass the wire, disadvantage that is not really one when you are in construction / renovation.

Wireless alarm Saint-Jérôme

Opting for a wireless camera means choosing the simplicity of installation and great practicality of your alarm protection system. Interactive wireless alarms can be easily installed anywhere in the house, without affecting your décor. This makes it an option of choice, when your residence is not under construction/renovation.

Fire in Saint-Jérôme

To prevent fires, you need a good safety system. Alarme Provinciale offers you its know-how in Saint-Jérôme, as well as its major brand products. We install a ULC certified fire alarm system from the Canadian brand DSC.

Also, contact us to connect your fire system and/or automatic sprinklers to a dual communication alarm system, as required by the fire code standard.