Provincial alarm in Rosemère

Feeling safe at home is a basic need. Installing an alarm system, whether commercial, industrial or residential, is a safe way to protect yourself from intrusions. It is important to use companies that specialize in the sale of this equipment. If you live in Rosemère, alarme Provinciale de la ville de Rosemère will meet your expectations. Discover here the services offered by this company.

Commercial/Industrial Alarm in Rosemère

Provincial Alarm offers high protection against theft and vandalism for your factory, industry or business. Company-designed alarms give you real-time, uninterrupted protection. The surveillance camera with which the system is equipped offers a high-definition image resolution of 5 or 8 MP depending on your needs.

In a large commercial enterprise, temperature monitoring is very important for server rooms, refrigerators and cold rooms that are used to store. Monitoring the boiler allows the alarm to detect a possible rise in temperature. A fire system reinforces the safety of the building.

Access control to Rosemère

Access control with Provincial Alarm is very effective. Many specificities are optional such as basic system, non-return, sophisticated access control, SAS mode, multi-site or turnstile. Thus, the access control system and surveillance cameras allows you to limit the entrances and exits and get a detailed report on the comings and goings in the building.

With the use of these alarms, the number of doors to be controlled on the sites does not matter. The aesthetic look of the system will surely please you. The use of the system is quite easy and its installation is far cheaper than those of the same temperament.

Residential Alarm in Rosemère

Installing an alarm system in your home is always a good idea. This is a fairly secure option given that the motion detectors on the system inform you in a timely manner of intrusions into your home by SMS, email or an automatic call. Here too you can control the comings and goings at your home.

Even when the system is engaged, disarmed or defective,you are automatically notified. The system’s probes warn you of possible water leaks. Two categories of residential alarms are offered by the company: the wired alarm and the wireless alarm.

Wired alarm in Rosemère

With this type of alarm, you will be able to control your equipment from anywhere. This is a fairly reliable system and compatible with Android or iOS smartphones. It also has a network of cables protected bya securefirewall.

The system benefits from a permanent power supply, which makes it a very cost-effectiveinstallation. The electronic elements that compose it are very economical, but are of very good quality. With this system, you fear nothing.

Interactive wireless alarm in Rosemère

The interactive wireless alarm provides you with enhanced security for up to 32 detection zones. This system uses alkaline batteries with a lifespan of about three years. It can be used both indoors and outdoors,as it is connected to a wireless camera.

In addition, since the alarm box can be installed in a protected area of your home, it ensures greater security. The system also offers great stability and a radio range of 300 feet.

Fire in Rosemère

It already appears that Provincial Alarm has many advantages. One of these major advantages is that its fire alarm system detects any possible fire risk early enough. It should be noted that a rapid response to a fire can help to overcome it more quickly. It is therefore a factor that can be decisive in the event of a fire.

Alarms are therefore infallible because they are connected to an alarm center that has a double communication. The detectors that make up the system are thin and very elegant. They have been designed according to the current standard ULC S-561/NFPA72.

This way, as soon as there is smoke and carbon monoxide, the people in the room and the local fire department are quickly informed. The answer is immediate: the system saves you from inhaling smoke before evacuating.