Provincial alarm in Mont-Tremblant

Ensuring the safety of your home or workplace is a must. To this end, several devices are made available to help it meet this need. If you also want to install security systems in Mont-Tremblant, Alarme Provinciale is the sign for you. Specialized in the installation of alarm devices, it will respond favorably to your needs.

Commercial/Industrial Alarm in Mont-tremblant

With 35 years of experience in the field of commercial and industrial security,Alarme Provinciale offers you a varied range of systems for the protection of your business. Our brand provides access control systems, fire systems, sprinkler systems, temperature and boiler monitoring devices, surveillance cameras and flight protection devices.

Whatever the size of your factory, industry or business, you will find the right solution for the protection of your premises in Mont-Tremblant with Alarme Provinciale. Better, you can benefit from a service and a tailor-made quote that perfectly meets your expectations.

Access control in the city of Mont-Tremblant

These systems allow you to limit access to your buildings to improve the safety of your belongings, merchandise and even your staff. They also allow you to protect yourself from intrusions and avoid malicious acts.

With its expertise in the field, Alarme Provinciale offers you high-end products of different brands. You will find the necessary, simplest and most sophisticated systems with state-of-the-art features such as SAS mode, non-return, turnstile used and multisite.

Whether your company’s premises in Mont-Tremblant have only one or two doors or it has several on interconnected network sites, you will find your satisfaction with Alarme Provinciale.

Residential Alarm in Mont-Tremblant

A residential alarm is a protective device for people and their homes. It has many features and brings you a sense of security. Apart from burglary attempts, this system can warn you in case of domestic incidents: gas leak, fire, etc.

At Alarme Provinciale, we offer a varied range of alarm models with different features to optimize your safety and comfort. You will find in our collection wired devices,interactive wireless systems and hybrids.

Wired alarm in Mont-Tremblant

Your safety and that of your loved ones is our priority and our raison d’être. For this purpose, we provide you with Paradox alarm systems as our main range. It consists of very high quality products with incomparable charm and accessible at affordable prices. However, we also offer other brands such as: Honeywell, 2Gig, DSC and Qolsys.

The advantage with this type of devices is that you can connect elements of different brands to the alarm center without difficulty. In addition, your facility is not vulnerable to power outages and radio interference.

If wired security systems are considered non-scalable, paradox’s SP series offers you many possibilities. Very reliable, it adapts to your needs to offer you infallible protection for years. In addition, you can control your alarm as you wish with the acquisition of an internet module.

Interactive wireless alarm in Mont-Tremblant

Like wired alarms, the Paradox brand is the leading one when it comes to wireless devices. You will find a whole range of products with an exceptional design and a very affordable price. Of course, there are other brands on the market.

In this category you will find control panels, wireless installation keyboards, door contacts, sirens with strobe light, wireless motion and window detectors, photo-electric smoke detectors, etc. The advantage with these devices is that they are not very restrictive and easy to install.

Fire in Mont-Tremblant

When a fire is declared in your home, reaction time is crucial to limit its impact. In fact, the installation of a fire alarm system allows you to detect the outbreak of a fire. This system is also responsible for alerting the competent local authorities.

To bring your installation up to standard, Alarme Provinciale is responsible for connecting your fire alarm device or sprinklers to its central station. Whether you already have a communication system in place in your home in Mont-Tremblant or you want to install one, simply contact us to get the ideal solution to your problem.