Provincial Alarm in Saint-Hubert

Former city and now borough of the city of Longueuil in the Montérégie region, Saint-Hubert offers a most attractive living environment in Quebec. If it is good to live, we are never completely safe from a misadventure, and it can be as well intrusion, theft, vandalism or fire.

To mitigate any eventuality and preserve its well-being and that of the occupants of its building, it is recommended to install a high-performance security system. Alarme Provinciale has been a specialist in the field for 35 years and offers its expertise in Saint-Hubert and throughout the region.

Commercial/Industrial Alarm in Saint-Hubert

For the security of your industrial and tertiary premises, you will find at Alarme Provinciale a varied range of services, to meet all needs.

A compatible alarm panel


We have a ULC control panel compatible with all brands of alarm systems, among the most popular on the market, including:

  • Paradox;
  • Honeywell;
  • DSC;
  • GE Interlogix;
  • 2Gig;
  • Qolsys.

If you want to connect your alarm system with us, you have no need to worry. The transfer process is simple and fast. Better, you opt for a ULC Central 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and bilingual for optimal security of your premises. Alarme Provinciale issues you, among other things, an installation certificate for your insurer.

High-resolution surveillance cameras

To further boost your security and video surveillance system, our company provides you with high-resolution (HD) surveillance cameras from 5 MP up to 8 MP (4 K). They will allow you a better coverage of the perimeter, so as to maximize the security of your commercial center.

Theft/vandalism protection in Saint-Hubert

Specialist in theft / vandalism protection in Saint-Hubert, Alarme Provinciale offers its know-how consolidated by decades of experience in the field. We install the peripheral and volumetric detectors in your building, so as to prevent any unwanted intrusion, as well as better monitoring of volumes.

Access control system in Saint-Hubert

Our access control system and surveillance cameras allow you to restrict access to your building according to your working hours. You also have the ability to collect essential data on the various entries and exits of employees. This device is particularly recommended for industrial and tertiary premises for maximum safety.

Fire system

Using state-of-the-latest generation equipment, mainly from the prestigious Paradox brand and other on-demand brands, our specialists are perfectly qualified for the installation of any type of industrial alarm. We also offer supervision of your fire system and sprinkler system at our control panel in accordance with the ULC S561 fire standard.

Alarme Provinciale is also temperature supervision and boiler supervision to solve all your worries and give you peace of mind.

Residential Alarm in Saint-Hubert

If you want to strengthen the security of your home in Saint-Hubert, a home alarm is probably what you need. Whether it’s a house, apartment or condo, you have the choice between a wired alarm home security system and a wireless alarm system.

Wired alarm in Saint-Hubert

They are particularly suitable for construction and in the event of renovation, because of the work involved in their installation. They are often recommended for better protection against burglars, but not only. Depending on the models and features integrated, a good home alarm system provides protection against fires, assaults, or domestic incidents.

Interactive wireless alarm in Saint-hubert

When it comes to home security alarms, interactive wireless alarms are attracting more and more interest in the market for their high practicality. Indeed, alarm protection with wireless cameras does not require drilling walls. Your interior decoration can thus be preserved, because no damage/hole is made in the residence. Do not hesitate to contact Alarme Provinciale for any alarm system installation in Saint-Hubert and our specialists will meet all your expectations.

Fire in Saint-Hubert

Do you want to equip yourself with a fire system in Saint-Hubert? The ideal partner to meet your expectations is undoubtedly Alarme Provinciale. We have extensive experience in the installation of fire alarm systems and we will be able to give you full satisfaction.