When it comes to choosing a
residential alarm system,
homeowners have several choices: wired alarm system, wireless alarm system and hybrid alarm system. To help you navigate, we’ve developed the different types of home alarm systems and the benefits of each security system.

Wired alarm system

The installation of a wired alarm system

is recommended for a residence under construction or under renovation.

The benefits of a wired alarm system:

  • System status displaying continuously on keyboards
  • Requires little maintenance and no batteries to replace
  • Very reliable
  • Its components are economic:

Wireless alarm system

Wireless alarm system are highly appreciated for their practicality and their installation is very simple. The installation can be done in a few hours.

The benefits of a wireless alarm system:

  • No cables to pass along the walls
  • The décor of your home is preserved
  • Easily adapts to new technologies
  • Several features can be added

Hybrid alarm system

Called a hybrid alarm system systems that are a cross between a wired alarm system and a wireless alarm system. Hybrid systems are recommended when part of your home cannot be wired, or when you want to add specific modules to an existing wired system. Like what:

  • door contact
  • motion sensors
  • Smoke detector

Whichever type of alarm system you choose, it is highly recommended to opt for high quality products in order to enjoy them for as long as possible and to have the best alarm system for your home’s needs. Provincial Alarm will advise you on the model you need and for installation, Contact us

to get a quote!


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