We link your existing alarm system to our power plant

It is very convenient to install an alarm system in a home,whether residential or commercial. It greatly reduces the risk of break-ins in your home, allowing you to be quiet during your absences. But what is even more interesting is to link your residential or commercial alarm system to a power plant. By doing so, your system becomes more efficient and your protection increases.

Provincial Alarm offers you its central for optimal security

Do you already have an alarm system at home or at your office?

To further strengthen your security system, we offer you our high-performance power plant. Provincial Alarm is a company specializing in the installation of residential alarm systems and commercial alarm systems. systèmes d’alarme commerciaux We offer a service that allows you to link your current alarm system to our alarm centre.

In doing so, your security is now ensured by tools that meet the latest safety standards. We link your alarm system to a plant with many interesting features, including:

How does our control panel behave in the event of an alarm?

When your alarm system emits any signal, it is automatically transmitted to our central office.

One of our agents tries to reach someone at your home to determine if the alarm is being sounded or not. If you are at home, all you have to do is answer with your personal identification number and no further action is taken. If you are not on the premises or the sponsor does not provide the requested number, a procedure will be initiated. This procedure is based on the safety instructions put in place with you. These instructions are contained in your file for the connection to our plant. Finally, it also notifies the people you have named on file.

Pour des bâtiments résidentiels et commerciaux sécuritaires

Il y a aujourd’hui trois catégories bien distinctes de système d’alarme pour maison sur le marché

Your alarm system can communicate with our monitoring centre using the traditional method. But with the advent of new technologies other means have appeared, some as effective as the other. One of them is known as the cellular link. Once installed, this tool will allow you to send a code to the plant in case of an alarm. A cellular communicator is sometimes coupled with a telephone system to get more protection.

Another way is to establish an internet link. In this case, communication with our power plant is provided by an IP module. It’s a modern and very effectiveoption.

You can request a detailed report of the use of your alarm system whenever you want. This report contains information about the openings and closures of your alarm system and other data. Thanks to it, you are able to know who activated or who disabled your alarm system and what time it did so. There are also other options that are complementary to commercial telemonitoring that you can subscribe to.

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