An alarm system in Terrebonne with Alarme Provinciale

For absolute peace of mind, a central alarm that is always present and a service available 24hrs, Provincial Alarm is the company to contact for the installation of a residential alarm system in Terrebonne. With over 25 years of residential security system experience and commercial , our goal is to protect your home, cottage or business with high-performance alarm systems , without false alarm and easy to use. We protect our premises with the same alarm systems that we offer, so we believe in our products and we all know the features. Thanks to our volume of purchase, we are able to offer you an alarm system for your home at a much lower price than our competitors, and this in famous Canadian brands like Paradox and DSC.

All our alarm systems are offered with Bosch motion detectors immune to animals under 19Kg; an animal version under 45Kg is also available. Bosch motion detectors are the most powerful on the market with unmatched detection speed and no false alarms.

With the installation of any alarm system, we offer you the free alarm center for 12 months. Then, if you want to keep the remote surveillance, it will cost only $ 14.95 per month and this package includes the extended warranty of your alarm system as long as you are connected to our central monitoring.

Our alarm center is ULC / LAC certified and is recognized by Canadian insurers. Our plant staff is specifically trained to provide you with quality, bilingual and courteous service.
Alarme Provinciale holds a security agency license with the Office of Private Security, which certifies that our staff is free from any criminal record and that our company is serious and professional. We are also a member in good standing of the Canadian Security Association.

Our team has more than 27 years of experience in security system, and this experience guarantees you a professionally and aesthetically designed home alarm.

Do not buy an alarm system from another company without first having a quote made without obligation by Alarme Provinciale. In many cases, we are 25 to 35% less expensive than our competitors and we install better quality products.

Whatever your budget, we have the alarm system you need.

In return, if you already have an alarm system at home and want to connect it to a professional alarm center, well know that our Central Station is compatible with all alarm systems on the market.
We offer you three months of free power station in the first year and our power plant contract is for 12 months, renewable year by year.
At home, you do not have to sign a long-term contract.

You can reach us by calling (514) 324-2012 or by e-mail .

A home alarm system is for decades.

Recognized in Terrebonne as one of the best alarm system installation companies, Alarme Provinciale sells only the best products available, while encouraging local products designed and manufactured by local workers.

We are retailer of Paradox alarm systems as well as DSC alarm systems. These two brands, 100% Canadian manufacturing, offer keyboards of a neat appearance that goes with all the decorations. They are easy to use and at the touch of a button, you can choose between a complete armament (when you are absent) or partial (when you are at home) to be always safe at home.

Make the purchase of an alarm system for your home in Terrebonne by consulting the experts of Alarme Provinciale at (514) 324-2012. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!