In this section we present the range of interactive alarm system we offer our customers. Whether for home, cottage or condo, Alarme Provinciale will be able to meet your needs with good price to quality ratio.

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Here the list of our wireless and interactive products:


2GIG now offers the next generation of interactive alarm system, the GC3. This all-in-one console is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen offering a resolution of 800×480 pixels. This interactive wireless alarm system offer functions that go well beyond the simple conventional alarm system, while combining impressive ease of use.

    • Supports up to 100 wireless zones
    • Up to 100 programmable arming / disarming codes and 32 remote controls
    • Up to 4 additional wireless keypads can be added
    • Wi-Fi and integrated Bluetooth
    • Optional GSM module on 3G network
    • Automation function with compatible Z-Wave wireless products (camera, thermostat, door lock, etc)
    • Get the temperature of the day and for the next 5 days ahead on the screen
    • Certified UL and ULC / LAC

Produits Z-WAVE

At Alarme Provinciale we have few Z-WAVE products.

Wireless Motion Detector

Adapting to the size of your pet, the wireless motion detector of the GC3 series are efficient and reliable. Their casing is made of ABS and will not discolor over time.

  • For pets up to 22kg (55pds)
  • Double sensing element detector
  • Fully supervised by the GC3 console
  • Lithium battery life of about 8 years
  • Battery easy to replace
  • Radio range of about 85m (250’)

Frequently asked questions

Do cables need to be installed to connect the different components?

No, the 2Gig brand interactive alarms are wireless products. The only cable we need to install is the one that supplies the main control panel with power with a transformer connected in a conventional power outlet.

Can I have remote control of my system?

Yes, you will have full control of your alarm from your smart phone from any place on the globe.

Can I do home automation with this system?

Yes home automation is possible using devices supporting the Z-Wave protocol such as, door lock, thermostat, electrical switch and power outlet.
With a 2Gig alarm system the home automation is affordable and flexible since you program yourself the activation / deactivation scenarios.

Can I have additional wireless keyboards?

Yes, we can add up to 4 wireless keypads to activate or deactivate your alarm from different locations in your home. Alarm control by your smartphone also acts as a portable keypad.

Should I frequently replace the batteries?

All 2Gig sensors work with Lithium batteries for a lifetime of 5 to 8 years. When a battery needs to be replaced, the main keypad will tell you which device it is and our control panel will also notify you (if the system is connected to our alarm center).


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