In this section we present the range of hybrid alarm system we offer our customers. Whether for a house, a cottage, a condo or a small business, Alarme Provinciale will be able to meet your needs with good price to quality ratio.

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Here the list of our hybrid products:


TM50 Paradox is our key color-touch screen interface of 12.7cm (5 inches), the most stylish on the market.
Its user interface was thought in every detail to offer you unparalleled ease of use. With its slim and stylish design, the TM50 will marry any decor.

    • Display of indoor temperature and optional outdoor temperature;
    • Multiple choice of languages including French, English and Italian.
    • Your favorite pictures can be uploaded to the micro SD card enabling you to use them as a slide show.
    • The TM50 is available in Pristina White or Black Piano Gloss.


Magellan Series Main Control Panel

The Magellan series from Paradox is a series of adaptive hybrid control panels that can evolve with your needs. Designed for residential and small business market, this range of alarm system is very versatile and reliable to provide years of trouble-free protection.

      • Expansion up to 32 wireless/hardwired detection zones
      • Up to 32 codes for arming / disarming programmable by menu
      • Programmable duress code
      • Can be programmed to provide two separate areas that are completely independent (eg house and shed)
      • Automatic time adjustment depending on the season (E.S.T. E.F.T)
      • Compatible with the latest GSM and internet communication technology

Wireless Patio/Window Detector

There is a window or patio door of your home that you would specifically like protected, even when you are in the house? This motion sensor is the perfect solution because it is installed on the frame and forms a “curtain” beam type pattern in front of the opening. As soon as someone enters through this opening it will immediately trigger the alarm, but your pets can move freely.

      • Can be installed indoor or outdoor
      • Anti-masking function; notify you of any object that blocks the view of the detector
      • Immune to animals and birds
      • 2m sensing fields (7’) straight in front of the detector


Indoor / Outdoor Wireless Siren

This wireless siren with integrated strobe light is the perfect choice if you want to draw attention to your residence following an alarm. (Confirm with your community if allowed)

      • Can be installed indoors or outdoors
      • Powerful 100 decibel siren
      • Powerful strobe light with color choices (red, yellow or blue)
      • Works with 3x C size alkaline battery
      • Operating temperature -25c to + 55c
      • Integrated tamper contact

Frequently asked questions

What is a hybrid alarm?

A hybrid alarm system is the perfect solution when only part of the house can be wired. A hybrid alarm is a cross between a wired and wireless security system, allowing us to connect wired detection components (door contact, motion detector, smoke detector, etc.), as well as components Wireless detection for hard-to-reach home locations by cable.

Can my keypad be wired while the rest of my alarm is wireless?

Yes No problem ! With a hybrid alarm system all combinations are possible for maximum flexibility.

Do I need a telephone line to connect to the power plant?

No it is not necessary to have a telephone line. We offer several alternative technologies to connect your alarm system to our monitoring center such as; monitoring by cellular module (GSM), remote monitoring by Internet module.

Can I control my security system remotly?

Yes, with the addition of an internet module, you will have remote access to your alarm system from your smart phone from any place on the planet, as long as you have internet connectivity. (On Apple or Android smartphone only)


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