Provincial Alarm in Mascouche

Living in safety and peace at home or in the workplace requires making the right arrangements. For example, it is necessary to opt for alarm systems modern. Precisely, at Mascouche, the company, Alarme Provinciale, offers you a complete range of alarm systems. It is based in Montreal and specializes in the installation of residential and commercial alarm systems. Here is an overview of the different types of security products offered by Alarme Provinciale in the city of Mascouche.

Residential alarm in Mascouche

To deal with burglaries or all kinds of intrusions in your home, Alarme Provinciale offers you different security solutions for all budgets.

The residential alarm system is composed of:

  • a control box also called an alarm centre;
  • an independent siren or integrated into the case;
  • one or more intrusion detectors.

The main range of residential alarms offered by Alarme Provinciale is the Paradox range of alarm systems. There are also ranges such as DSC, Honeywell, 2Gig and Qolsys available on request. Paradox alarm systems are manufactured in Quebec in Canada and are very reliable.

The installation of a home alarm system is not limited to preventing intrusions. The company offers models and related services that ensure protection against fires, assaults or domestic incidents.

The different types of residential alarm systems available here include:

  • Wired alarm;
  • Wireless or interactive alarm;
  • Hybrid alarm.

Wired alarm

Our company’s wired alarm can be installed in a house, cottage, condo and even for a small business. This is the kind of system you need for large spaces and multi-level buildings. The installation of the system certainly requires advanced work, but it is economical and aesthetic.

A network of cables is highlighted to ensure transmission between the components of the alarm system.

Wireless or interactive alarm

Installing the interactive home alarm system is easy and does not require much work. In addition, with the assistance of our professionals, you can evolve the system. This is theHome alarm suitable for homes and residences that are not under construction or renovation.

Like the cable network for wired alarm, it is the wireless network that is used for transmission between the components of the interactive residential alarm system.

Hybrid Alarm

The hybrid alarm system is a compound of the wired alarm system and the wireless one. This is indeed ideal when the property cannot be fully wired. Thus, in some parts of the property, one can install wireframe components such as door contacts, motion detectors, smoke detectors, etc. In addition, wireless sensing components can be installed for parts of the house that cannot be wired.

Commercial or industrial alarm in Mascouche

For more than 25 years, we have demonstrated unprecedented expertise in the field of residential and commercial alarm systems. We have nearly 40 years of experience in this field. Depending on your needs and budget, our experts will offer you the best service you need.

The range of commercial alarm systems available includes the following services:

  • The power station: ULC grade AA 24/7 bilingual;
  • Supervision of your heating system or boiler;
  • Supervision of your fire system according to the ULC S561 fire standard;
  • Supervision of your sprinkler system according to the ULC S561 fire standard;
  • An anti-theft and vandalism protection system for all your buildings;
  • Monitoring your facilities with a high-resolution (HD) surveillance camera from 5 MP to 8 MP;
  • Monitoring the temperature of your specific facilities such as servers, fridges and freezers;
  • An access control system to limit access to your premises according to your working hours. It also allows you to run reports on the movements of your company’s staff. It ensures maximum and permanent security of your building.

The professionals of Alarme Provinciale guarantee you a quality installation of a commercial alarm system, regardless of the volume of your building.

Building access control in Mascouche

One of the bowstrings of the company Alarme Provinciale is the complete range of access control systems that the company offers to its customers. From a low level of access controls to a higher level, the different access control products evolve with specific features such as:

  • non-return;
  • SAS mode;
  • turnstile used;
  • multi-site.

At Alarme Provinciale, each type of installation corresponds to a given range of access control products.

Physical Access Control for SMBs

For installations requiring physical access control with schedules, the company offers Paradox access control products. They are very practical, economical, aesthetic and of better quality. In addition, their installation does not require much effort. This is what is needed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)located in the city of Mascouche.

Access control for large-scale buildings

For institutional residences or large-scale buildings, security is more important with biometric readers.

Alarme Provinciale offers for these types of buildings, product brands such as:

  • CDVI controllers including Centaur software, readers and access cards;
  • Kantech KT series complete including multi-site Entrapass software, readers and access cards;
  • HID controllers including readers and access cards.

There are also ID card printers. Those that are available are:

  • Fargo Printer
  • IDP printer
  • Zebra Printer
  • Epson printer.

Surveillance camera at Alarme Provinciale

It is possible to enjoy the latest generation surveillance cameras wherever you are in the city of Mascouche.

The choice of quality

For us, it is the quality of products and services above all. That is why the main brand of surveillance camera chosen for the happiness of our customers is that of the manufacturer Dahua. It is about one of the three biggest brands of surveillance camera available on the world market.

Available surveillance cameras offer high-definition images from 720P to 1080P. In addition, they also work well on coaxial cable only on network cable. Thus, you can upgrade your old surveillance cameras with those of Provincial Alarm without much wiring work.

In addition, surveillance cameras have the ability to record video images. With an internal hard drive installed, you can keep the recorded video images for the long term.