Provincial Alarm in Longueuil

Alarm systems are now a privileged means to optimize the security of premises,whether it is a question of residences, shops or institutional premises. Discover the various offers of Alarme Provinciale in this area in Longueuil.

Commercial/Industrial Alarm in Longueuil

With its 35 years of experience in the field, Alarme Provinciale is today an absolute reference in the installation of commercial and industrial alarms. Using mainly high-quality products from the Paradox brand and other reference brands, the company works to strengthen the security of your various premises.

In Longueuil and throughout the South Shore, we offer various industrial and commercial alarm protection services. Indeed, we have a ULC control panel compatible with all brands of alarm systems on the market. This gives you the possibility, regardless of your alarm system, to connect it with us. The transfer process is relatively simple and we take care of everything.

In addition, we offer a high-performance theft/vandalism protectionservice, in particular through the installation of peripheral and volumetric detection devices. While edge detections can detect an anomaly before intrusion, volumetric detection tools can monitor a volume inside a site.

In addition, Alarme Provinciale offers you in Longueuil, the installation of an access control system,in order to secure and control traffic in your buildings. You can restrict access to your building according to your work schedule, and collect data on the whereabouts of employees.

In addition, Alarme Provinciale offers you supervision at its central of your fire system and your gliceur system,according to the ULC S561 fire standard. Temperature and boiler supervision as well as the provision of high-definition surveillance cameras from 5 MP to 8 MP (4K) and industrial alarms, are all services for commercial customers.

Access control in Longueuil

Controlling access to a building, whether it is a commercial or institutional building, is a strategic point to optimize its security. In this regard, Alarme Provinciale puts at your disposal its proven know-how for better access control in Longueuil.

With state-of-the-art tools, you will now be able to prevent any incident, by early detection of the unwanted presence of an individual within a predefined perimeter. Also, thanks to our access control systems and surveillance cameras, you will be able to maintain maximum security of your company or commercial center at all times.

Residential Alarm in Longueuil

Installing a home security alarm is a good way to prevent intrusion and keep people and their belongings completely safe. In Longueuil, we offer a latest-generation home security system.

For your home alarm system, you have the choice between a wired alarm and a wireless alarm in Longueuil.


Wired alarm in Longueuil

Alarme Provinciale puts at your disposal as your main range the Paradox home alarm systems. Developed and produced in Quebec, it is a wide range of home security systems, delivered at a more than affordable price.

On demand, other top-performing brands are also available. These include Honeywell, DSC, 2Gig and Qolsys.

Interactive wireless alarm in Longueuil

Relatively more practical and at the forefront of new technologies, interactive wireless alarms are increasingly popular for better alarm protection. Easy to install, because it does not require major work, the wireless camera offers a latest-generation security system, which does not damage your interior decoration.

Wireless alarms are also flexible and scalable solutions, because over time certain components can be added to boost the security system.


Fire in Longueuil

A fire alarm system is ideal for preventing fires. Fire alarms are triggered automatically in case of smoke or suspicion of fire in the premises. They thus make it possible to optimize the safety of occupants and property.

Provincial Alarm offers you to connect your fire alarm system or gliceur to its central ULC station, to bring you up to the standards of the fire code. You can also contact the company for any need to install a reliable fire alarm system, in accordance with the STANDARD CAN/ULC-S561 -03 standard.