Provincial Alarm in Brossard

You lived in Brossard and you want to strengthen your security system? Whether it is a residence, an apartment or a condo, Alarme Provinciale offers you its expertise and its rich experience of 35 years.

We are currently expanding our service offerings in Brossard and throughout the Montérégie region. Discover in more detail our various services for optimal safety in Brossard.

Commercial/Industrial Alarm Installation in Brossard

Industrial and tertiary buildings generally require large investments that must be secured at all costs. Indeed, you are never completely safe from acts of theft, vandalism or fires.

Moreover, a good security system is generally required by insurance companies to be eligible for compensation in the event of a claim. Whether you are a company, a restaurant, a hotel or a shopping center, you have everything to gain by using the tailor-made services of Alarme Provinciale.

A state-of-the-latest alarm system

When large capital is at stake, you can not afford to neglect the security of your premises, and this requires the installation of a particularly efficient monitoring and alarm system.

Alarme Provinciale offers you for this purpose high resolution surveillance cameras (HD) from 5MP to 8MP (4K) to boost your surveillance system. We also take care of the theft/vandalism protection of your building, in particular by providing state-of-the-art perimeter and volumetric detectors, as well as high-quality industrial alarms.

This allows you to control volumes and devices more effectively to prevent intrusion.

A compatible alarm panel

Alarme provinciale puts at your disposal its alarm center compatible with all brands of alarm systems on the market. Do not hesitate to contact us if you already have an alarm system that you would like to connect with us.

We take care of the supervision at our control panel of your fire system and sprinkler system, according to the ULC S561 fire standard. For any alarm center package, we offer the following services:

  • ULC central 24 hours a week, 365 days a year, bilingual
  • Service Agreement is for a period of 12 months renewable
  • Immediate processing of all alarms (Theft/Fire/Panic/Medical)
  • Daily communication test of your alarm system
  • Installation certificate for your insurer
  • Deterrent stickers for doors and windows
  • Send email to your computer or text message to your cell phone upon disarming / arming as well as on alarm

Access control in Brossard

To restrict access to your premises in Brossard according to your work schedules, do not hesitate to use Alarme Provinciale’s access control system and surveillance cameras. It also allows you to run reports on employee traffic, so that your building is always safe.

In this regard, you have a wide range of products of different brands, to suit all needs and also all budgets. From the basic system to the sophisticated access system with specific functionalities, Alarme Provinciale’s access control systems will meet your expectations, to boost the security of your commercial center.

Residential Alarm Installation in Brossard

Installing a residential alarm system in Brossard means effectively protecting yourself against burglars as well as any risk of intrusion by breaking and de-penetration. That said, for your home alarm, you have the choice between a wireless alarm and a wired alarm.


Wired alarm in Brossard

Most residential security systems in Brossard use wired alarms. Particularly suitable for the context of construction or renovation, the wired alarm offers you good performance for an effective security system. Provincial Alarm mainly offers Paradox alarm systems,but you can have other brands installed on demand.

Interactive wireless alarm in Brossard

One of the major advantages of wireless cameras is that they can be installed at any time, excluding construction or renovation. Indeed, installing interactive wireless alarms is simple and fast and the operation does not require major work. No holes will be made to your wall.


Fire Safety in Brossard

We offer you in Brossard a communication panel for two-lane fire system. Indeed, we can connect your fire alarm system or sprinklers to our central ULC station, in order to bring your building up to the current standards of the fire code. We are also qualified to install ULC certified alarm systems of the Canadian brand DSC.

Do not hesitate to contact Alarme Provinciale, whatever your need, and we will fully satisfy it.