Fire alarm

Designed for all types of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings, our fire detection systems are certified ULC Commercial Fire. Provincial alarm uses Fire-Lite fire alarm systems allowing us to design a fire system tailored to your needs.

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The list of our fire alarm products:

Fire-Lite Main Control

Power, reliability are the best adjectives to describe the Fire-Lite alarm system range. They watch and are always ready to answer any smoke perception.

  • Main control choices range from 5-636 zones of fire detection
  • 100% addressable system
  • Hybrid Module (wireless and wired) available for hard to wire areas
  • Backup battery

Pull Station

Made with a highly visible design, this manual pull station will be seen and quickly accessible when needed.

  • Do not trigger false alarms if accidentally hit
  • Easy to use, simple pull the front plate to trigger the alarm
  • Model with single or double action available

Smoke detector

Thin and sleek design, this smoke detector is on the cutting edge of technology and able to detect almost any type of fire.

  • Smoke detector and heat detector (135F / 57c) combined
  • Addressable
  • Opening protection included
  • Mosquito screen protecting the detection chamber
  • LED alarm indicator